To be responsible for reviewing the technology needs and advances of equipment and software that may be beneficial to the members and/or the Board office; to determine if needs are being fulfilled by the hardware and software we are currently using, and what improvements can be made in related operations for the benefit of IMTA.


Board Vice-President and Association members appointed by the Chair of the Membership Committee.


The primary role of the Technology Committee is to maintain a high level of contact with the Board Vice-President to ensure that the goals of the Committee remain consistent and with the direction of the leadership.  Arrange speakers and demonstrations for committee members when necessary.

  • Maintain information from various sources relating to technology, including the IMTA web site, and review at periodic intervals with committee members to determine if any new products or services should be examined more closely.
  • Establish a Technology Plan or priority list at the beginning of each year to determine what the goals of the committee are, allowing for flexibility if new projects result throughout the year.
  • Work closely with the Board to keep abreast of the needs of the association members who access the on-line system, and to coordinate efforts, so as to not overlap projects or goals.
  • Work closely with the Board to research member requests and what specific tools the staff office can utilize in order to enhance productivity and decrease spending.
  • Offer ideas and/or recommendations to the Board concerning changes or implementing new policies for advancing technology.
  • Arrange association member training for Board endorsed programs.