Membership may be granted to any person over the age of eighteen interested in the Association in the event that the applying party:

  • meets the criteria below for the applicable category of membership in the Association
  • shares in and supports the purposes of the Association
  • abides by the Bylaws, Code of Ethics of the Association and such other rules and regulations as the Association may adopt



Professional Member:

This is the main membership category for the Association.  Professional Members must have the academic and clinical practice credentials described below when submitting their application for membership:

hold a diploma of which its primary field of content for study is in Integrative Manual Therapy


be an individual who has more than 500 hours of classroom training and 200 hours of practical clinical experience within the field of Integrative Manual Therapy

Associate Member:

 An Associate Member is an individual who has less than 500 hours of classroom training and 200 hours of practical clinical experience within the field of Integrative Manual Therapy.  Certain benefits may not be available.

Emeritus Member: 

Any Professional Member who has been a member of the Association for at least fifteen years may upon reaching the age of sixty-five apply for Emeritus status.  The Board of Trustees must approve all Emeritus memberships.  Emeritus Members retain all rights and privileges of membership as applicable to the Professional category.

Sustaining Member: 

Any individual that expresses an interest in supporting the advancement of Integrative Manual Therapy and/or collaborating with Members of the Association including, but not limited to, national leaders in comparative fields of study as Integrative Manual Therapy, i.e. chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, medicine, psychiatry, etc., may be considered for Sustaining membership in the Association by the Board of Trustees.  Certain benefits may not be available.

Affiliate Member: 

Any individual or organization that provides products and/or services, which enhance the Association or its members' ability to meet the health needs of the integrative manual therapy community.  Certain benefits may not be available.

Student Members: 

Students enrolled in a program of study that is preparing them for Integrative Manual Therapy work as defined for a Professional Member shall be eligible to become Student Members of the Association upon application and endorsement by their faculty advisors.  Eligibility for Student membership does not extend more than three years past the date of the initial application.  Certain benefits may not be available.


With an IMTA membership comes many benefits. Member benefits are based on the membership category you choose. Members with 500 or more hours of classroom training in IMT and 200 or more hours of clinical experience in IMT are eligible for a Professional Membership. This provides the member with access to all password-protected areas of the website including the Member Directory, and archived publications; provision of all IMTA publications including Digital News, Tech Bulletins, Evidence Based Practice, and The Journal of the Integrative Manual Therapy Association; discounts on IMTA sponsored educational seminars in IMT and Clinical Skills Development Workshops (CSDW); and an opportunity to serve on the Board of the IMTA. In addition to all of these benefits, the IMTA provides its members with the opportunity to network with other IMT professionals, offers assistance in advocacy of your profession and your business, provides opportunities for members to participate in community service activities, and creates forums for the busy professional to stay up to date with their IMT education.   

All non-professional member categories will receive electronic versions of Digital News and print copies of the Journal. Tech Bulletins and Evidence Based Practice publications, some discounts and areas of the web site are not available to students and other non-professional members. These benefit designations are decided by the IMTA Board members. Questions regarding member benefits can be addressed to the Membership Committee Chair and will be discussed by the Board at the next meeting opportunity. Board meeting highlights can be found in Digital News.