To oversee and maintain compliance of the Association Bylaws by the Board and to investigate and educate the Board on state and federal legislation impacting the practice of IMT.


Board Treasurer and other Association members appointed by the GVERNANCE Committee Chair.


The Governance Committee insures that the Board complies with their stated bylaws and provides some evidence to outside-parties that the stated bylaws have been adhered to. To accomplish the above stated mission the Committee Chairperson has devised a "Compliance Check-List".   During each Board Meeting, 8-10 questions on this check-list are asked.   A "Yes" response signifies compliance with the IMTA bylaws.  A "No" represents deviation from the bylaws. Each “No” response is analyzed; an explanation for the deviation is recorded as is the recommended remediation. The check-list, and remediation if any, are witnessed and signed off by the Governance Chairperson and by the Ethics Chairperson. The original signed checklist is filed with the Secretary. The bylaws and other IMTA documents are available to you on this website or you can call the main toll free number if you wish to receive a print copy by fax or mail.

The Governance Committee will also strive to stay abreast of and report information to the Board pertaining to, federal and state legislature changes pertaining to the practice of IMT.

If you have additional questions about the functions and actions of the Governance Committee, or if you would like to inquire about serving on this committee, please contact the Committee Chair.