The IMTA is committed to sponsoring events that work towards achieving our vision for the profession of IMT. These events are planned by the Board of IMT with help from our members. We are always looking for more ways in which to serve our members. If members have ideas for events that they feel would help to support the growth of IMT as a profession, as well as the growth of individual IMT practitioners, they are encouraged to contact us at We will then contact the appropriate Board member, or bring the idea before the Board.

Throughout the last three years, the IMTA has sponsored numerous events. These include: the annual summer picnic with job fair for the participants of the Connecticut School of IMT summer school; numerous clinical skill development workshops; the 2005 IMTA cruise; therapist treat therapist evenings; the IMT Symposium; and special in-services with Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo. Important events for voting as well as nonvoting members of the IMT include: the open meetings of the IMTA Board of Directors; the annual meeting of the membership of the IMTA; as well as ongoing meetings of the committees of the IMTA.